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welcome to Pozzo Vivo

From Italy to New York City

All started years ago, in a restaurant in Little Italy, where Executive Chef and GM Donato Deserio met Tony Pecora: a man who has made his way to the top, in the real estate field opening over the years, various restaurants, and hotels, of which he himself has been the helm. The esteemed one’s regard for the other was the driving force behind the establishment of Pozzo Vivo restaurant.

This location 690 9th Ave, used to be a well-known bakery called Pozzo.
Unfortunately, life happens, and the bakery closed its doors after many years.
When Tony Pecora opened the restaurant “Pozzo Vivo” in 2022, he was inspired by the former glory and named it “Pozzo Vivo,” which means “live well.”

Pozzo Vivo is now a traditional Italian restaurant in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Donato Deserio designed the restyling, which was inspired by the dream of giving Pozzo a new light, a new life!


Donato Deserio, the head chef, is from Mola di Bari, a pleasant town on the Adriatic coastline of Puglia in Italy.

His career formed in Italy, but soon he started to travel the world working for famous hotels such as the Hiltons, at first in Holland after in Sydney Australia, then eventually moved to New York City where he become the head of a crew of 30 cooks and helpers. A significant step in his career happened when he became Executive Chef at “Dove Restaurant” which was labeled by the New York Magazine, the CUE, as the Eighth wonder of the world.


Chef Donato